First Nations University of Canada (FNUniv) established the Indigenous Continuing Education Centre (ICEC) to strengthen connections, communities, and economies through sharing Indigenous knowledge and providing professional development and lifelong learning opportunities.

Benefits of ICEC

ICEC creates greater access for non-degree-seeking learners on a path to lifelong education that leads to new opportunities or connections with Indigenous culture and tradition.

ICEC’s course offerings focus on sharing an authentic and transformative experience based on Indigenous knowledge and Indigenous perspectives from a First Nation post-secondary institution that aspires to provide high-quality bi-lingual, bi-cultural education.

Who is ICEC for?

ICEC course offerings are for Indigenous and non-Indigenous learners.

  • For Individuals

  • For Organizations

  • For the Private Sector

  • For the Public Sector

ICEC Microcredential Framework

The Program Framework provides accessible, flexible and recognized programs to suit various learners and markets.

The framework allows each learner to chart their path and do as much or as little learning as they desire at any given time in their lifelong learning journey.

FNUniv Microcredentials

Learners who complete the various components of ICEC course offerings will be eligible to earn recognition in badges, microcredentials and professional certificates. Microcredentials are recognized by Industry that are intended to enhance leaners’ employability by upskilling and increasing competencies. The microcredentials awarded by the First Nations University of Canada are verifiable and can be shared electronically through MyCreds™.

MyCreds™ is a secure and trusted electronic document sharing online network that enables the official exchange of digitized and verified academic credentials between and beyond Canadian post-secondary institutions. The MyCreds™ service is owned by the Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada — ARUCC. The First Nations University of Canada is a member of both ARUCC and MyCreds™.